Our Commitment to Sustainability

Recycling planings

When tar bound material is identified, there is now no need to send it to expensive land-fill. We can offer a solution which is recognised and licensed by the environment agency. The material is immediately crushed and graded to 25mm, and then extra fines are added proportionally by weight. A percentage of encapsulating material is added to the tar and H.R.B.B.M.1 is produced for re-use in the construction and agricultural industry.

The material is subject to regular testing and impressive Compressive Strength and Frost Heave results have been achieved. We have supplied the material for use in industrial locations and adopted highways.

So, we can offer a one-stop-shop to plane, cart , away, treat and re-deliver tar-bound material. This provides our customers with the ideal solution for both local authorities and Highways England alike.

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